AvB-lezing Anne Feenstra: Slow architecture

Known for working and designing with the communities to redefine contemporary architecture, Anne Feenstra is a Dutch architect with design teams based in Afghanistan and India. His lecture at the Academy of Architecture will be about Slow Architecture.

Food has gone through a development of becoming easier and quicker to consume, but we have also gained the knowledge that what we call Fast Food is perhaps not the future. Can we do this for the process of intervening in the built environment; the making Architecture?

While giving some background and context, the lecture will provide insight in two projects: Band-i-Amir National Park in the central highlands of Afghanistan and a project, presently under construction, in the Himalayas.

Professor Anne Feenstra graduated at Delft University 1993 and joined William Alsop in London before opening Alsop office Rotterdam. Since then, he has been practicing and teaching in India and Afghanistan. He was Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University in Ahmedabad, India form 2015 to 2017. Archiprix International came to CEPT for its 2017 edition. His award winning designs and methodologies have been published widely and he gives lectures, curates exhibitions and does workshops all over the world.

Admission is free. More info via http://bit.ly/2Sto3Hg. 

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